The QEUS APS EVO SERIES is a speaker system of unprecedented compactness that fits perfectly into any room.

The problem solver

"The APS EVO Series loudspeakers are the unique solution for almost all sound applications, elegantly discreet, powerfully superior in performance."

The APS EVO Series
A speaker series that sets standards

The innovative QEUS APS EVO Series, a combination of flat diaphragm and magnetostatic drive, is a speaker system of unprecedented compactness that blends harmoniously into any room design. The speakers are available in four lengths (APS50 EVO: 50 cm, APS70 EVO: 70 cm, APS100 EVO: 100 cm and APS120 EVO: 120 cm) and in 4 colours (black, white, silver - all lengths; gold - 50 & 120 cm only), for every conceivable application.

The APS EVO loudspeakers are not equipped with conventional dynamic drivers, but with 20 x 120mm flat sound emitters. The APS50 EVO has two of them, the APS70 EVO and APS100 EVO three and the APS120 EVO four.

These are not, as usual, driven by diaphragms in the centre, but, similar to a magnetostat, over the entire surface. The result: a large, homogeneous and evenly vibrating surface that concentrates the sound vertically, but not horizontally.

The APS EVO Series can focus on the frequency spectrum above 120 Hz with a phase correction previously uncommon in this price range. The APS EVO drivers focus sound energy and, combined with redefined speech and music intelligibility, achieve unprecedented range. Whether you use a digital, analogue or tube amplifier as your sound source: The APS EVO behaves similarly to a real resistor.

The design of the APS EVO avoids the usual high, complex loads found in all conventional passive loudspeakers.

These new technical features of the APS EVO Series allow the user to use the speakers in a variety of ways: From an inconspicuous centre unit, to additional pairs in existing systems, to the sole use in complex multi-channel surround systems. In addition, the APS EVO Series is also available as a 2.1 complete system with subwoofer and specially developed crossover.

The latest technology in all components

The APS EVO Series speakers deliver an unprecedented sound experience. The horizontal dispersion angle is 160° and the vertical dispersion angle is 40°, which makes the loudspeaker almost unlocatable to the human ear. With the APS EVO Series the sweet spot grows to unprecedented size.

The APS EVO Series enables a unique ambient sound. In contrast to conventional technology, the sound level varies significantly less. While conventional systems have a sound drop of 6 db per doubled distance, with the APS EVO Series it is only half of that with 3 db.

Revolutionary technology

The chassis of the APS EVO Series are as new as they are unique in their design: they feature a high-quality and unique honeycomb membrane system, built into an extremely compact body.

Intelligent drive

The conventional voice coil is replaced by a multi-layer PCB that drives the entire surface evenly thanks to two neodymium magnets.

Uncompromisingly slim design

At just 37.5 mm wide and 23 mm deep, and only 489 mm (APS EVO50), 698 mm (APS EVO70), 998 mm (APS EVO100) or 1,206 mm (APS 120EVO) long, the APS EVO Series speakers blend elegantly and unobtrusively into any room.

Unlimited applications

Thanks to their extremely compact design and unique performance, the speakers can be harmoniously integrated into any room design: classic TV/amplifier arrangement in the living room, home cinema rooms, integration into a complete house sound system, use in conservatories, horizontal or vertical mounting - let your ideas run wild.

Hard to see - powerful to hear

Play Experience

“With the APS Series, QEUS brings us a loudspeaker that can be wonderfully integrated into any room and, despite its discreet appearance, provides an outstanding and powerful sound image. Whether used purely as a stereo system with the ELAC subwoofer or as an addition to a home cinema, the APS series is barely visible but can be heard powerfully...”

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Model variants

The APS EVO Series speakers are available in four different lengths (50 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm) to suit almost any application. Each version can be purchased as a single speaker for use as a centre in a multi-channel installation, or as a pair.

In addition, we offer a perfectly matched 2.1 complete solution of all four lengths: The loudspeakers are then combined with the SW400 subwoofer, which perfectly matches the characteristics of the APS EVO Series, as well as a crossover specifically developed by QEUS for optimal combination with the subwoofer on into one installation package.

  • Set
    2 loudspeakers of 50 cm

  • Single
    1 loudspeaker of 50 cm

  • Set
    2 loudspeakers of 70 cm

  • Single
    1 loudspeaker of 70 cm

  • Set
    2 loudspeakers of 100 cm

  • Single
    1 loudspeaker of 100 cm

  • Set
    2 loudspeakers of 120 cm

  • Single
    1 loudspeaker of 120 cm

  • Further applications

    Technical data

    Length 498 mm 698 mm 998 mm 1,206 mm
    Width 37.5 mm
    Depth 23 mm
    Impedance 8 Ω 6 Ω 4 Ω
    Frequency range 120 - 20,000 Hz
    No. Loudspeaker 2 3 4
    Output power 20 W 30 W 40 W
    Max. power 40 W 60 W 80 W
    Sound pressure 84 dB/W/m 86 dB/W/m 88 dB/W/m
    Nom. sound pressure 98 dB 102 dB 106 dB
    Radiation angle 160° horizontal,  40° vertical
    Colour variants black, white, silver, gold black, white, silver black, white, silver black, white, silver, gold



    A proprietary design for the APS EVO Series featuring a 6 dB filter with high quality capacitors and summing of the Re/Li signals for optimum matching to the subwoofer.

    sold separately*
    SW400 Subwoofer*

    Active subwoofer with 400W (RMS output power 200W), BASH® technology, operation via app (BT).

    sold separately*
    FBS40 Subwoofer*

    Passive bandpass flat subwoofer, 4″ flat efficient bass speaker, frequency range: 35-200 Hz, crossover frequency: 40-150 Hz, 40W AES, Phoenix input, HDF cabinet with a textured finish + anodised aluminium top plate, dimensions: 270 x 58 x 410 mm, available in black and white

    sold separately*